5-Day Psilocybine & Inner Work Retreat
with Tamara & Sadhya

Deep Soul Healing Retreat

Join us on this 5-day deep immersion into ourselves. Find out who you really are, where you are going in this life and what is holding you back to become the best version of yourself 🤍
Sadhya & Tamara have created a transformational program that will give you the tools for meaningful and longlasting change. 

What is included:
~ 5-day Transformational Program
~ 2 Psilocybin Ceremonies
~ Breathwork 
~ Therapeutic Facilitated Inquiries
~ Integration & Sharing circles
~ Personal Coaching as required 
~ 4 overnight stays at a luxurious mansion in the woodlands of Limburg
~ All food and beverages during the retreat
~ Use of wellnessfacilities (sauna, jacuzzi)

Why work with us?

Experienced & Skilled Facilitators

Both Sadhya & Tamara have many years of experience and are trained extensively to guide people through deep processes.

Beautiful Location especially for this work 

You will feel safe, relaxed and nourished at the beautiful mansion with wellness and surrounded by nature. 

Combination of Medicine & Psychological processes

This combination will create a deep & transformational process with a lasting result in your life.  

Psilocybin: from Ancient Magic to Modern Medicine

Psilocybin is a consciousness expanding substance, produced by numerous species of mushrooms. South American Aztec Indians referred to them as teonanacatl, meaning ‘God's flesh’, and they were used in religious and healing rituals. 

Spanish missionaries in the 1500s attempted to destroy all records and evidence of the use of these mushrooms. Thankfully they didn’t completely succeed in this :-) 

In the past 10-15 years several FDA-approved clinical studies have indicated the medical value for psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy in treating depression, anxiety, and certain addictions.

Practical Information 

  • Date: 6 - 10 March 2023
  • Location: Beautiful mansion in Limburg, exact details will follow at registration
  • Costs: Full Price: €1499,- 
    Early Bird till 2-2-2023 €1222,-

About Sadhya

Her Role

Sadhya has more than 20 years of experience as a group facilitator, from teaching yoga teacher trainings and classes to facilitating deep psychological and spiritual transformational group processes. She also works individually as a soul centered coach. 

Her Story

Sadhya is a certified Holistic Therapeut and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. She is trained in many different disciplines, including: Trauma Therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Gestalt Therapy, Psychology of Awakening, The Work - with Byron Katie, The Enneagram, NLP, Tantra, Meditation and Yoga. Next to all her psychological and spirituals studies, Sadhya started working intensively with different plant medicines over the last years. As she experienced how the medicine are a doorway that amazingly accelerate healing and awakening.  

Her Why

Sadhya has a deep passion for supporting people in their path towards their Soul Essence. She loves to create a safe space for people where they can move beyond their limiting believes and patterns. She uses her own experience of more than 20 years of personal and spiritual growth and her loving presence to help guide others where they need to go. 

"My passion is to support people to open their hearts and live from love, in connection with themselves and others. To be in the moment and allow all feelings, to live life to the fullest and share their unique soul essence with the world."

About Tamara

Her Role

As a former nurse, Tamara realized that the compassion she had for her patients was a big part of the healing process. She started following the path of Yoga, became a breathworker, bodyworker and Reiki practitioner, exploring different pathways for holistic wellbeing. 

Her Story

Tamara has studied plant medicine with a Mestizo Maestro and is currently studying under a Shipibo Maestro from Peru. She is the co-founder and manager of Mother’s House, where she supports research and conducts psychedelic ceremonies. She also works closely with ICEERS, organizing workshops on harm reduction and safety protocols for facilitators working with psychedelics.

Her Why

Over the years, Tamara has witnessed many people heal their trauma with the help of psychedelics. She’s driven to enact a balance between therapeutic practices and indigenous shamanic teachings. For her, it’s not a job—it’s a calling and a way of life.

“We can provide many tools, but in the end it is up to you. You are the medicine. A change in perspective is a change of life.”